Closet Corner: The Organized Home

Spring is the season of new beginnings so it’s only appropriate that you give your home a little attention, specifically those areas that collect clutter. Organization streamlines your life, eliminates stress, and can help you prioritize what’s important as you donate or recycle items taking up physical and mental space. Great design can assist you as you organize, so be sure to reach out to our team at Inspired Closets if you feel your closets, pantries, or garages aren’t the ideal storage areas. Here are five tips to help you tackle your projects both big and small. 

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1 | Make some room

The first step to organizing is making space. Most people have boxes they haven’t looked through in years or have no idea what is at the back of their closet. This spring, pull everything out and really take stock of what you have, what you need, and what you might be able to sell or donate. As famous organizing consultant Marie Kondo says, only keep the items that “spark joy”. The items in your home should be the things you truly love and use, not just materials that crowd your closets and cabinets. Besides the benefit of creating more space physically and mentally, decluttering helps you define your personal style as you discover what you really love and what you’ve simply let into your home. It can also give you a greater sense of freedom. Sometimes the biggest obstacles in a life change are household items. The idea of moving to a better home or taking a new job could seem daunting because of the amount of things you own. Don’t let clutter hold you back! 

2 | Use your space efficiently

Everyone wants more storage but you might find you have enough space already. You can create more space by simply being more efficient. Once you’ve decided what you’re going to keep, it’s time to figure out how to store everything. Wire shelves are the least efficient storage method so changing them out for a better system can immediately double the available space. In closets, add drawers for easy access to jewelry and sunglasses and hang your clothing strategically. If you feel like your closet needs help, talk to a storage professional. We can assist you with your closet layout to maximize its potential. 


3 | Incorporate Clever Storage

Storage bins have come a long way. There are now great decorative options that will enhance the look of your space while giving you more storage. Wicker baskets come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and look attractive on shelves that are visible in the main areas of your home. Plastic storage containers are also available in a range of colors and finishes, as well as beautiful wooden crates or boxes. These bins are great for children as they are easy to slide out and toys, books, and art supplies can quickly be placed inside for efficient cleaning. 

4 | Maximize your pantry

A pantry system will provide you with sturdy shelves that are also easy to clean. Anyone who has tried to wipe sticky sauce or dust off a wire shelf knows they aren’t the best option for a pantry. Swapping them out for solid, durable shelves that are easy to clean will help you keep your pantry tidy. Consider placing food like cereal, sugar, or flour in glass or BPA-free plastic containers that have been attractively labeled. This keeps the pantry looking neat by removing cardboard boxes and allows you to easily see what you might need on your next shopping trip. Wire baskets provide a place for chips, snack bars, and cans. Even your refrigerator can get in on the storage bin action—there is now a range of options to keep your door, shelves, and vegetable drawers organized. 

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5 | Keep the Garage Tidy 

For many people, the garage is the main source of storage stress. Not sure what to do with something? Chances are you throw it in the garage! After just a few years, that habit can build into an anxiety-producing space filled with old, broken, and unneeded items. Much like your closest, take time to go through your garage and evaluate each item. You may find you don’t know what all those cords belong to, or you don’t actually need that broken shovel so give yourself permission to let go. Old toys, while sentimental, could be donated to children who will use them and free up space for the activities your kids might be currently enjoying. Adding a storage system with doors is a great way to keep your newly organized garage looking clean. Unique storage solutions like a wall system for hanging toy baskets and ball nets keep things accessible for kids! 

At Inspired Closets we value a personal relationship with all of our clients. As a client, you have a dedicated designer who listens to your needs and delivers a custom-designed solution in response. Whether you are looking to update your pantry, maximize your laundry room or get the closet of your dreams, our experienced designers are ready to meet you.

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