The Dream Team

A Look at Cinnabar Design’s Latest Seaglass Projects
Photography by Rick Bethem Photography

Teamwork is the best approach to designing great spaces according to Laurie Walter and Diana Hall of Cinnabar Design. Their dedication to providing an enjoyable design experience has allowed them to create a diverse portfolio, happy clients, and a list of talented contractor partners who enjoy their organized, team player philosophy. “There are a million moving parts to each project and while Diana and I might be the face of Cinnabar, there are so many great people behind the scenes that make it all possible,” says Walter. The “million moving parts” every job involves was multiplied when the pair took on 11 projects, plus a model, in the Ronto Group’s new condominium, Seaglass at Bonita Bay. 
“We were brought into the project thanks to a Realtor partner that called on behalf of a client who wanted incorporate architectural detail in their unit. From there we also received referrals from the on-site Realtor and, because we are able to help potential homeowners envision design schemes for their condos, we partnered with the selection center,” says Walter. Cinnabar’s collaborative spirit extended to contractors and crews to create a cohesive team across all aspects of the projects from the ground up. “We play nice with everyone. This is about creating the best possible design outcome for the client and that happens when you’re organized and everyone leaves their egos at the door.” 
The results are 11 beautiful units, each as unique as the owners enjoying them. From bold colors or serene neutrals, here is a selection of Cinnabar Design’s Seaglass projects. 

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