Top Trends in 2019

As we enter 2019, there are some new and exciting trends on the horizon. While Naples is its own unique area and people will still continue to favor coastal accents and colors, here are the latest trends that can be added into your home. These will complement the contemporary coastal style that works so well in Southwest Florida, but we also encourage you to think outside the box a little. Play with color and texture to come up with the unique home that suits your personality and tastes.

sustainable design

As we learn more and more about the impact fashion and design has on the environment, there is a push to create décor that is made in a sustainable way from renewable resources. Natural fibers, wood, stone, and recycled items are all being used to create sustainable design that is both beautiful and functional. One way to incorporate this trend is to create a base out of natural materials, then layer in pops of color and shine. A dining table with a live-edge wood top, accent tables with stone bases, or sisal and jute rugs are wonderful options that are both stylish and use sustainable products.
Another way to be more green is to purchase items with a long-term vision. When you buy, select anchor items, like your couch, in a neutral color and style and make sure you buy a quality piece that will last. With advancements in high-performance fabrics and the quality frames many furniture brands provide, you can plan on keeping your couch for years and then refresh your overall design through art and accessories.

warm neutrals

People are moving away from the cooler grey that has been so popular over the last several years and are favoring warmer shades instead. These tones enhance the natural elements that will be popular throughout this year and beyond. Tending to be a more familiar color for people migrating south, they are a more welcoming version of the versatile color grey.

black is back

Bold and beautiful, using dark colors like black and navy adds a chic accent to any space. Contrary to popular opinion, dark colors can actually make a space feel larger. The color diffuses the light and draws the eye across the room which elongates the space. Where you can run into trouble is if you use a dark color on every wall. That will close in the space so use these dark colors as an accent. Even ceilings look good sporting a midnight blue.

vibrant tones

We are happy to say the movement away from totally neutral rooms will continue in 2019. People are more than happy to embrace color again—it feels fresh and new and allows people to express their individuality. I love the “Crayola box” tones we are seeing in the design world for 2019. While there is still an interest in jewel tones, these colors are more vibrant and contemporary. One of my favorites this year, and one that works so well in Naples, is true yellow. It complements natural elements and looks good in a room with a warmer grey base. It also pairs well with the coastal blues that are prevalent in Naples so it’s a great way to add something new to your existing design scheme.

inside out

Lastly, 2019 will be the year people really embrace outdoor furniture that has the appearance of indoor pieces. Moving away from woven backs and metal frames, people are looking for outdoor furniture with slipcovers and cushions. These items look like you’ve pulled them out from your inside rooms creating the seamless indoor/outdoor living experience people desire in Naples. In a fun twist, you can even bring your outside seating in if you need more spots for guests or if you simply want a more durable couch or chair for kids and pets.

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