It's Your Move

Congratulations! You’re moving! You’re getting a brand new start in a brand new place. That may be a different city or state. It could mean a new job, a new lifestyle, or a new family. So why are you stressed out? Because moving is stressful. In addition to the physical exertion of sorting, packing, and lifting, there are emotional stressors with every move, even if the reasons for your move are all positive ones. Don’t discount the effort involved in deciding what to pack, when to pack, and even how to pack. Exhausted already? Here are a few tips for you, based on the more than 25 years of experience we have in helping people relocate.


Hire a professional moving company

It’s not surprising that this is our first tip! The emphasis is on the word professional. There is a world of difference between an experienced, licensed, and insured professional mover who will give your possessions the white glove treatment, and some guy with a van trying to make a little extra money on the weekend. That being said, there is still a lot of preparation to be done before the day our movers show up. 

Let the pros pack for you

You may think you’re saving time (and money) by packing your personal items in advance. But it is always best to have the pros pack them, for the simple reason that movers can’t insure anything that the client packs. When the moving company does the packing, they insure your belongings for their full replacement value. At Hilton Movers, we also offer museum-quality crating of artwork and have specialty boxes for your electronics and other valuables. 

Photograph everything

Although it is unlikely that your furniture and belongings will fit into your new home exactly as they do in your current residence, it is often comforting to have some things remain the same. For instance, the arrangement of your china cabinet or a bookcase. Being able to replicate the placement of curios or your favorite home décor items can provide a sense of familiarity and stability. Taking a picture of it will not only help you recreate the vignette but will serve as a photographic inventory. In fact, we suggest that you make a photographic inventory of everything to be packed and moved. Take photos of the back of your electronics, while they are still connected, to assist you in setting them up again. 

Make a clean sweep

Prepare a cleanup kit with household tools and supplies, including old rags for wiping the grimy, hidden surfaces you could never get to when all your stuff was in the way. Make sure this kit is readily available when you arrive at your new home. Ask that it be put in last so it is one of the first items off the truck when you arrive making it easier to do a clean sweep of your new home before we load in your furniture and belongings. Or take those supplies with you in your car if you are driving to your new home.

Personalize priorities

As you are directing our movers on packing your clothes, linens and personal toiletries, consider your first few days in your new home. In addition to the cleaning box we mentioned above, a household tool box with hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, and a rechargeable drill will come in handy if you need to make any minor repairs. So might a few light bulbs, and a flashlight with fresh batteries. Set aside a few days’ worth of clothing, along with your basic hygiene items, and carry them with you. Clean bed linens, towels and toilet paper will help you set up your bedroom quickly—and we recommend that be the first room you set up. A good night’s sleep in the comfort of your own bed will be a welcome respite after a long day of moving.

A word about storage…

You may need to arrange for storage of some or all of your belongings while you are in transit, or for a period of time as you settle in to your new home. In Florida, air conditioned storage is a must. Don’t be fooled by facilities that claim to be “climate controlled” when they simply open a few windows and turn on a fan in a futile effort to keep the temperature constant. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to visit the facility before placing your possessions in their care. We invite you to visit our 30,000-square-foot air conditioned storage facility. As worldwide movers, our clients entrust us with fine art, collector cars, and all manner of valuable personal items, where they benefit from our white glove care.

Hilton Moving and Storage has combined all three locations into a newly built, customized 30,000 square foot air-conditioned facility catered to the moving and storage needs of our clients. We are one of kind, and the best quality facility in the Southwest Florida area. We run more than six full size trucks each day from Marco Island through Sanibel Island, Florida. 

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