Q&A With Local Artist Emily James

How would you describe your personal artistic vision? 

It has been said that “talent” is a gift plus passion. So, as I continue on my imagination journey, I focus on simply enjoying the adventure of painting. 

What influences your art? 

As a Florida native, I enjoy capturing the local beauty found throughout the state. Our unique ecosystems, colors, and wildlife are a constant source of inspiration to me. My love for beauty in colors, design, and especially nature, continues to inspire me as I explore creative ways to paint while incorporating light and textures. When united with the goals of clients, I can provide beautiful art which brings them joy, and that is the reason for the gallery.

Water lilies.jpg

How does art enhance a home? 

The artwork on your walls should be a reflection of your life, loves, and passions. You will love it and, in turn, it will lend character to your home and give others a glimpse of who you are. Art tells a story about the people living in the home so it is always a treat as an artist to be a part of crafting that story for people. 

What role should personal taste have in selecting art for your home?  

I so frequently hear, “I don’t know much about art but I know what I like.” You are most definitely the expert when it comes to selecting artwork for your home. Choosing artwork has to do with what speaks to you personally. 

What does the commission process look like?  

Some clients have a clear idea, and even bring photos, while others have colors which they want to emphasize to complement their living space. We also have a large selection of styles in the gallery; we try to make it approachable for a broad client base. Once a client articulates the details they would like to include, I am then able to create a piece that fits their vision.

Your gallery has been voted as the best Naples gallery again, to what do you contribute this achievement?

I have a fabulous group of friends who assist at my gallery and we are fortunate to work with art lovers who enjoy collecting my artwork. As a result, our clients share their positive experiences with their wonderful friends, who then also come by the gallery. 

What makes your gallery unique and what should art lovers expect to find there? 

We offer a personal experience with the artist, which is why I opened my very own gallery. That is the joy for me, to get to know and help in creating and selecting meaningful artwork. Is there any more delightful way to spend the day?

Emily is the only artist in the United States selected by the top three fine art publishers, and two of her creations are among the top 50 selling prints worldwide. Her work has been exhibited at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, and she was previously named An Outstanding American Woman of the Arts. She was also recognized by the Collier County Community Foundation for her many charitable contributions to the community.

239.777.3283 | 720 5th Avenue S., #111 Naples, FL 34102 | www.emilyjamesart.com