Maker Profile: Paper & Clay


The trend to support small businesses has become mainstream. From food to clothing, we should support small or local businesses whenever possible. As a small business here at Your Home, we enjoy highlighting creative people with small companies. One such company is Paper & Clay, located in Memphis, Tennessee. Beginning with the desire to bring beautiful design to everyday objects, Brit McDaniel had an original passion for making books (the Paper of Paper & Clay), but decided to channel her creative concentration on functional ceramics which she designs and crafts herself. “I draw inspiration from my love of Scandinavian modernism—simple, warm, purposeful objects grounded in natural forms and colors. Each piece is made by hand with careful attention to detail, and each glaze has been carefully developed from scratch to create subtle and unique colors that mix and match harmoniously.” As a business owner, she is committed to sourcing as much material locally as possible. And if she can’t find it close to home, she has decided to find other options within the United States. Skirting the temptation to grow too quickly, McDaniel has a long term goal in mind. “I’m committed to growing Paper & Clay slowly and sustainably in order to build a lasting brand that is committed to quality handmade ceramic wares.” Her beautiful creations bring a little joy into any home or office and can be purchased on her website,