Timeless Travels: A Globally Inspired Marco Retreat

Tucked away on Marco Island, this elegant condo project by Claudia Leah of Claudia Leah Design is a testament to slow, thoughtful design. Completed over a three year period due to the owners’ busy schedule and the condo’s restrictive renovation calendar, Leah was able to create a home that functions on two levels. First, as a family home for the owners, their children, and nine grandchildren; and second, as a business retreat for colleagues and potential clients from around the world. “While this project took some time to complete, we were able to make a home that feels cohesive thanks to long term planning with the end goal in mind,” says Leah. Her master plan allowed for a clear path through the multi-room remodel based on the client’s needs and lifestyle. “When you work on a home over multiple seasons, you must think about the impact each decision will have over a much longer time frame. Projects can snowball, and you can end up repeatedly dealing with dust from tile or drywall removal, or you move furniture over and over again when you don’t create a long term vision.” This property was featured on the program, Out & About. To view the episode, visit claudia.decoratingden.com.

Check out the before photos of this amazing transformation