Loving Art in the Digital World


When I first resolved to launch Emillions Art, I had a vision of providing the fine art world with digital exhibitions and personal consulting while maintaining complete transparency. Back then, the idea of buying high value items online, sight unseen, was still new. 
As I careened inevitably toward my appointment with techno-entrepreneurship, someone close to me posed a black hole of a question: in order to sell art, don’t people need to see the artwork personally before they would buy it? “Is this true?” I wondered. I fretted. I started to doubt my own instincts. 
Leading up to this moment, I had begun to sense the sea change in consumer habits—their growing desire to gain immediate access to previously untouchable art properties. Be they contemporary or modern and old master works, I believed there was coming a growing demand for digital access to these tangible assets. But this big scary question, would “web-surfers” become online buyers, gave me pause and I faced the dismal reevaluation of my plans. But as a deep thinker and investigator, and wanting to engage my due diligence as a burgeoning business woman, reevaluate I did.

Simone 2  by Jim Salvati

Simone 2 by Jim Salvati

Time Told The Tale

Since that time, of course, we have seen proof again and again, consumers are a determined bunch. Online shopping recently surpassed brick and mortar sales for the first time since the advent of the online store. With revenues for the products—and shares—of huge companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple reaching into the trillions, there is no doubt the hurdles of online purchasing have been cleared with ease.


As more online purchasing platforms come online and the market share dwindles, there is a growing need for every brand to have a clear understanding of their differentiator, what benefit they provide to the qualified consumer. Fine Art is a very different product than most others. It’s the only thing that seems to combine emotion and strategy so neatly. Art consultants will tell you, “Buy what you love!” Art investment advisors will say, “Buy what will pay dividends!” Can both be true?
Our answer? —YES!
Fine art is one of the few things you can invest in and follow your heart to a happy end. Finding someone to guide you through the complex and somewhat laborious process of acquiring those works that bring you joy, and value is even more important when working in the online realm. You need someone to help you find art with heart!

Soulmates II  by Shray

Soulmates II by Shray

Time Is On Your Side

One of the unique challenges of modern buying, especially online, is the expectation of “time to acquire”. When you are looking for a new shoe or that workout accessory, it can easily and quickly be purchased and shipped to your doorstep, sometimes in a span of hours. This is often not the case with Fine Art, especially when the pieces are works of old and modern masters. There is a cavalcade of steps to establish authenticity, verifying the origin of the work, and preparing it for its eventual home. Even before a work of this caliber is available for sale, it goes through many phases of verification to safeguard buyers from fraud—a growing problem in the world of Fine Art buying and selling, especially online.
To counter any potential issues, we spend countless hours through various trips around the globe, conducting face to face meetings with a host of sources, forensic investigators, and securing relationships with renowned appraisers all in an effort to connect you, the art lover, with the art you love! 
When you buy through us, you have unique access to Emillions’ Global Network of Partners, Experts and Collectors along with our special attention to honesty, integrity and due diligence. Really, this is what makes us different than many other online platforms. In addition, while we build and expand relationships with collectors and buyers we continue to help our artists and other businesses gain direct access to professionals that will help them with their art goals.

More than “Buy it now!”

You are the hero of the Emillions story. We know that you are looking to invigorate your journey with an art collection which brings both joy and worth to your life and the story of your family for many years to come. Emillions exists to connect art lovers with the art they love. We will continue to work hard to navigate the complexities and expedite the acquisition of your prized wonderful works!

The art consultants of Emillions Art, LLC hold extensive contacts in international art markets and is a respected source for modern and old masterpieces.

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