Designer Q & A with Claudia Leah: Why Hire a Professional?


Why should I use a professional interior decorator? 

In today’s shopping world, homeowners can easily get lost in the maze of design-oriented websites and social media platforms, do-it-yourself television shows, and online retailers. What starts out as a pleasurable adventure in being an armchair decorator can turn into a painful experience that leaves you frustrated and unsatisfied—and still facing blank walls, mismatched furniture, and empty shelves. Why is that? It looks so easy when the designers on TV do it!

photography Courtesy of Fabricut

photography Courtesy of Fabricut

They are trained

The professional decorator has studied space planning. He or she has learned to approach design from a unique perspective. Navigating multiple design sources does not faze the professional, they can see your space “finished” before you can log out of your Houzz account. Their talent lies in visualizing a space and creating a cohesiveness while truly applying the elements of design, not just creating pretty, yet unrelated, vignettes that are so often the result of impulse buying.


They plan

They take into account essentials like traffic patterns. They know the difference details can make in functionality. For example, “Do you have kids or pets? Do you eat on your sofa while watching TV?” That affects the choice of materials, the comfort, style and placement of pieces, the establishment of specific areas. 


They build relationships

Professionals build relationships with trusted resources. They don’t cold-call, they rely on carefully curated networks of knowledgeable representatives and trades to execute their vision. The professional decorator provides an unparalleled experience and service level without the frustration, costly mistakes, and sometimes aggressive sales personnel that accompany do-it-yourself shopping.


They have more access

It’s true. Some items are only available to members of the trade. So, the professional can provide products and customization that are truly unique. They can find that perfect accent piece or suggest a furniture line that will truly suit your space, your budget and your dreams.

Claudia Leah, one of Naples foremost interior designers, is known for her extensive design expertise, international background and extraordinary customer service. Claudia provides complete design services to prominent clients in and around Naples, Florida. 

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