Closet Corner: Reach-In Closets


customize any closet

With so much attention given to the large master closet space, sometimes the smaller reach-in closets can be neglected. While smaller, these closets can serve an important storage function and with a little imagination and help, they can be just as useful as your walk-in closets. 


benefits of layering

Most guest room and hall closets come with a standard rod and shelf design hung at 68 inches—the least efficient way to set up a closet. By creating hanging space in layers, you are able to double the amount of storage in your reach-in closet. This also gives you room to add different drawer sizes and shelves to create a more functional and versatile space. 


Utilizing the entire closet

Because of the door design, reach-in closets have difficult-to-access areas in the spaces behind the doors—there really is a “back of the closet” with these spaces. That means you have to think about what you will be storing so your most frequently used items aren’t in the least accessible areas. These closets are great for storing extra pillows and bedding but you don’t want these items front and center cluttering up your hanging spaces. While walk-in closets allow you to tuck these items neatly away, we create shelving options for small closets so your can maximize these hidden areas. 


maximize vertical space

You can also gain storage by making the most of the vertical space. We’ve found that most closet systems don’t give you enough room to easily access items on the top shelf as the space between the shelf and the top of the door means you literally have to wedge larger items onto the shelf. That makes it next to impossible to remove things once you’ve finally got that suitcase or storage bin up there! Inspired Closets has come up with a shelving system that’s angled to give you more space and to create easy-to-access top shelves. We suggest that you install these systems in every reach-in closet to maximize the vertical space.

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