Designer Q & A with Claudia Leah

Beautifully Organized

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Q: I love the stress-free, uncluttered feel of my Florida home, how can I keep the not-so-pretty stuff out of sight and organized? 
A: This is the perfect time to call in an experienced designer to determine what you have and what you need to get organized. We’re experts at creating a beautiful and functional home that fits your lifestyle.  

Q: Organization seems easy and fun, so why am I overwhelmed?
A: Often times, we see people attempt to organize their home without a defined budget or plan. We begin by establishing your needs, the timeline and investment level for your project. The earlier in the process you enlist our help, the more successful and enjoyable it can be. 

Q: I love the value of built-in storage, but I don’t want to deal with the headache of construction in my home. What can I do? 
A: Built-in storage can work wonders, but it can be a big commitment of both time and money. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t always increase the value of your home. Freestanding furniture offers flexibility as your design style and storage needs change. Think outside the box when it comes to storage possibilities!

Q: My television sticks out like a sore thumb! How can I make it look integrated? 
A: With the advent of the flat screen, televisions have come a long way. But most are still a big, black distraction for an otherwise pretty room. Updating your entertainment center with a sleek, shallow console and wall-mounting the television is one solution. Or consider setting your television on a glamorous sideboard or buffet. These can be easily reconfigured to hide bulky electronics and other items effectively. 

Q: I need more storage, but don’t want my house to feel cluttered with more furniture. What can I do?  
A: Oftentimes a home can look cluttered and unbalanced by using too many hard furniture pieces. Integrating softer upholstered pieces for storage is a great way to add breathing room to your space. Ottomans can be phenomenal when used as a coffee table or as the center of a seating area. Storage benches can be tucked into a dressing room or along a hallway. Some benches come outfitted with shoe pockets, making them an ideal option for creating functional entry or closet seating. Custom upholstery and trims really take these pieces to the next level!  

Q: What’s the single most important thing I should know about organizing my home?
A: Like many tasks in life, you want to do it once, do it right, and enjoy the ride. Have fun and hire the right professional. You’ll have a beautifully organized and happy home with more time to enjoy Naples!

Claudia Leah, one of Naples foremost interior designers, is known for her extensive design expertise, international background and extraordinary customer service. Claudia provides complete design services to prominent clients in and around Naples, Florida. 

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