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As we welcome the new year we also welcome new ideas and trends. In the flooring world, wood continues to be a favorite choice and we are seeing a few exciting changes and some old favorites holding strong for 2018. 
   This year brings with it three trends in particular. The first is a return to natural-colored flooring. For years, lighter floors with a natural tone were considered less desirable. That is rapidly changing both in flooring and other interior design aspects. As more homeowners embrace the light, airy feel in their home, we will see a huge resurgence in light wood floors, and this is also made popular by European design. These light woods, especially European White Oak from France can give your home a more open feel and can make smaller rooms seem larger.
   The appeal of natural woods is easy to see—your decorating possibilities are endless. You can create a chic, contemporary feel, a Scandinavian vibe, or a rustic, homey space all without changing your floors.

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   Of course, here in Naples, grey and driftwood hues will continue to be popular in 2018. These colors and finishes provide the perfect canvas for your coastal retreat and can be styled to feel more contemporary or rustic depending on the varieties you select. 
   This brings us to the second trend—the finish and texture on the plank. With the popularity of natural wood comes the need for a simple finish. Hardwax oil-finishing protects the wood and allows the true beauty of the wood’s qualities to shine through. In addition to the finish, wire-brushed hardwood floors are prominent for 2018. This texture is achieved by using a wire brush to remove the soft grain, leaving the heartwood elevated. This process creates a rich texture that highlights the natural patterns in the hardwood. This is also known as “European” style wood flooring. Wire brushing can be done with both hardwood and engineered wood floors.
   This technique is popular because it hides blemishes. Wire-brushed and etched floors offer a subtle texture while maintaining a smooth appearance. This helps create a more durable floor that is able to mask mishaps from everyday occurrences.

   It also reduces the need for maintenance. Although wire-brushed floors still need maintenance to avoid excessive wear and tear, this method reduces the frequency. People with high-gloss flooring are in a constant battle with dirt, debris, and dust, and must sweep or dust daily in order to maintain the finish on standard hardwood floors. Since wire-brushed floors are satin or matte, there is little need to be as diligent about cleaning and dusting your floors.
   The damage that pet nails would do to ordinary hardwood flooring means that many homeowners feel as though they cannot have a pet and a beautiful hardwood floor at the same time. Blemishes that are usually caused by dogs or cats gaining traction on hardwood floors are hidden due to the finish. With wire-brushed floors, pets and hardwoods can peacefully coexist.
   Wire brushing also creates a safer floor. Because they are less slick than standard hardwood flooring, there is a lesser risk of slipping.
   The third and final trend to watch for is super wide plank flooring. These beautiful planks can be up to 17” wide and create a truly custom look. They also allow the grain and color of the wood to shine in it’s purest form and the larger format opens up the size of any room.
   Whether you are buying a new home or looking to update your existing interior, these flooring options can enhance your space and lay the foundation for a beautiful home.

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