The Art of the Glitch

 by Marlissa Gardner


Trending in the Art Market. What does that mean? It is fashionable and fun to talk about. Mostly, when referring to “trends in the Art Market” the subject focuses on new art forms and the styles within the forms. However, there are many trends today—style (as previously mentioned), business, and industry to name a few. Trends in the art market today and throughout history are mostly a cultural decision and indicate a detectable change in a direction over a period of time. 
   Stylistically, as in any design element, trends are set from the need for a culture to identify with the design, definition, content and even the balance and complexity of the “trend” design form. In today’s world, with the noisiness of the technological world and the constant input of multiple media platforms, we have seen a shift from one art form where complexity, definition and classically trained art were prominent and desired, to a more relaxed and free feel art form where definition is not necessarily needed. In fact simplicity, message driven, emotional and glitch driven art are on the rise. As in any art trend, it is up to the market to decide which artist of the trend will rise to the top and stay. 
   For 2018 it appears that “Glitch” driven art will be the art form to watch. The trend recognizes the human failings and sees them for what they are. The glitch trend enhances emotion, fury and the fast pace in which media driven platforms has defined our society. Where we were once annoyed or distracted by the appearance of what appeared to be a mistake, a lapse or a mis-stroke, we are now enthralled and excited by its visual effect.
   At Art Basel Miami 2017, the appearance of this new trend was ever present in the new contemporary artworks. It is fascinating and it truly reflects where society has decided to take us. Its focus suggests acceptance of the mistakes we make through emotion on a daily basis.

Polaroid Untitled 14,Polaroid Photograph,Portugal,2013.jpg

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