Giving Your Furniture a New Lease on Life

Maybe you bought your dream home as a furnished model but the furniture doesn’t match your current tastes. Or perhaps you are just changing up your design scheme but know your current pieces are still in good shape and don’t want to throw them out. For most people, they immediately consider calling a local charity to donate their unwanted, yet still usable items. While that is a great option, there is a second route you might not be as familiar with—consignment. 


Consignment has been called the recycling of the design world. You are able to make a little cash for your gently used furniture while helping the planet at the same time. Secondhand furniture, since it already exists, does not use any raw materials or energy to be produced, packaged or shipped which reduces waste. It is the new “green”—good for the planet and good for your wallet.
So how does one consign home décor? First take a look at your possessions. Consignment stores are looking for all kinds of home items, not only furniture, so don’t overlook rugs, other textiles, and your artwork. As you assess, you need keep an eye out for imperfections, gouges, chips—anything that can reduce the value of the piece for a prospective buyer. It should be noted that most consignment shops will not accept items from homes with pets or smokers. The hair, dander, and other allergens from pets and the lingering smell from smoke require deep cleaning and reupholstering fees are just too high. Take several clear and well-lit photos of the piece(s). Don’t try to hide the wear-and-tear.


The more information you can provide about the piece, the easier it will be for the consignment shop to decide if it is marketable. Either email your photos (with an explanatory note about the items you’d like to consign) or take your phone with the photos to the consignment shop and ask about their interest in what you have to offer. The items will be assigned a scale of desirability by the experts in the shop who know what sells and in what condition things must be in order to do so. If the scale is say 1-10 with 10 being the highest, consigners usually only want items in 7-10 range. Sometimes this can be an emotional process so if a shop chooses not to take your items, remember it’s not a personal decision. You have loved your furniture but you need to be realistic about the market and what other people are looking for. If you have too many items or if they are too large, the consignment team will agree to come to your home to see what you have and may be able to help arrange a mover. Once the consignment shop has decided on the pieces they think are most likely to sell, you will be asked to sign a “Consignment Agreement”. This is a contract indicating what the shop is attempting to sell for you, at what price and what commission they will take out of the purchase price. 
The consignment shop takes it from there, contacting its customer base, as well as professionally merchandising your furniture in their retail gallery.  Once the item is sold, a check will be issued with your percentage of the sale. You are able to make a little extra money, another homeowner furnishes their home the green way, and your beautiful furniture is loved once again. Consignment is a win-win for everyone.

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